How to use?

How to recharge


1 . Charge the Original Bottle Blender before first use. 2 . Connect the USB charging station to a power bank, outlet, laptop or cellphone. 3 . Align the three magnets on the charger with the three magnets on the blender base. 4. For optimal use, charge for at least 3 hours depending on power source. 5 . The charger light will flash while charging and stop when fully charged. 6. A full charge lasts about 15 times. Keep in mind that blending ice cream and frozen fruit will drain the blender's battery faster.

How to clean


1 . Wash the Original Bottle Blender before first use. 2. To clean between uses, simply fill the bottle with water and let it mix for 30 seconds. 3 . You can wash the blender base thoroughly with water, but DO NOT immerse the base in water. 4. For thorough cleaning, wash the bottle part of the blender separately.

How to add ingredients

1. Both ends of the mixer can be used to put the ingredients. 2 . Layer and mix ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, creams, powders and sweeteners. 3. Add frozen fruit and ice last to prevent wear on the blades. 4. Add liquids such as milk, water or juice. 5 . Always make sure there is enough liquid when mixing with ice. 6. DO NOT fill beyond the silicone grip . The blender will not work if it is overfilled.

How to mix

1. Line up the dot on the blender with the dots on the blender base. The blender will not work if the dots are not aligned. 2. Press the ON power button on the bottom of the blender base TWICE to start. 3 . Tilt bottle for even mixing. 4 . The original bottle mixer will automatically shut off after 30 seconds. 5 . Repeat mixing for a smoother consistency. 6 . Your smoothie is ready.

It does not work


1. If there is something stuck under the blade, the button will flash red and the blender will not work. Unscrew the base and clean under the blades to fix the problem. 2. The power button will flash red if the blender is out of charge. Charge the blender using the USB charging station to continue using the blender. Still have questions ? No worries, we have what you need! If you have any questions or need help with your blender, contact our customer support team at;